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I was frustrated with my purchase but think it was due to my missteps. However, if I explain you may be able to help another first-time buyer not make the same mistake. I wanted to buy a single pearl to add to a new granddaughter's future necklace. My son had purchased from your company. I hoped that I could find info about the type of pearl he had purchased. I was so pleased when I received an email from Audrey telling me that my son had purchased a "9mm White South Sea Loose Pearl." There was also a link in the email. This is where I goofed. When I first began searching on your site I was so excited to find the section that seemed to be the add-a-pearl necklace. I went ahead and ordered the size I needed. However, I did not go to the link in the email. I ended up ordering a beautiful pearl that is the right size, but not the exact type my son started with. My son said that he didn't want to return the pearl. Now I'm hoping that they will choose to use "Grandma's" pearls for a bracelet! Maybe you can see where I made my mistake and add something that would keep others from this sort of a mistake. Sincerely, Sandy


Great concept!

Product Description

Pearl Moments, designed to grow with your loved one. Whether inspired by a meaningful life event, milestone, or simply to represent a number that is special to you. Our unique patented chain technology allows you to add or remove as many pearls as you'd like at your own convenience. These 9mm Freshwater additional loose pearls are designed to be added to your Pearl Moments necklace. Select any number of pearls you'd like to gift or save for future occasions.

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Very Thick
Very High
We're Working Toward a Better World For Women

Pearls have always been a symbol of natural feminine power, beauty, and strength. That’s why we felt it was so important to devote a part of our business to the financial, educational, and entrepreneurial empowerment of women across the globe.